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Tree Care Tips for Winter Season 

Not only trees are great for our environment, but they can also add financial value to your home. Also, they help stop soil erosion and minimize your cooling expenses during the summer. However, as the late fall begins to set in, you have to heed to the needs of your trees, perhaps you can just hire a reliable company that offers quality tree service. Below are some of the greatest hacks that can guarantee that your trees will be as happy and healthy in the winter seasons as they are in the summertime: 

Perform a complete visual inspection 

You need to inspect your tree’s branches, leaves, roots, and trunks to make sure that your trees won’t undergo extreme diseases or pest infestation. Once you can observe that there’s already an infection or infestation in process, you will notice black or brown spots that appear and forms of the leaves. 

Look for beetles, termites or lace bugs since these insects are prone to feasting inside a frail tree. Contact a tree service near you if you see indications of insects or illness. 

Plant young trees before winter starts 

Before the frost winter comes, the soil is cooler and there’s still a lot of time for young trees to grip their roots down. This season is the most ideal time to transplant sapling or tree. This ideal weather enables the tree to conquer the transplanting shock, which enables them eventually to root themselves in a new spot before they should survive the cold winter season. You can help stop the young roots from being damaged by the upcoming cold through mulching them thoroughly.  

Water your trees during the fall season 

It would be a great idea to water your trees not only during summertime but also throughout the fall season. These additional weeks of watering them can aid your trees to overcome dehydration. This will allow them to prepare for the winter that will come.  

Cut the branches before the winter season sets in 

Trimming the branches and limbs of your trees during the late fall will enable the tree to rest during the whole winter season once they could overcome the scorching heat of summer. You should only utilize well-maintained and sharp tools for tree trimming, or else, you will risk unwanted tearing to your tree’s limb and trunk. 

Contact the Experts from Tree Services today 

It is important that you know when to call and who to call. So, when you think that it is time for you to call the experts for the tree service Shreveport. You don’t have to worry about damaging your trees if you do it this way. This makes up for an amazing use of resources as you won’t have to waste it. 
If you want to do it your way, you should still contact the professionals especially if you are still starting out or is unsure of the best route for the tree. It is better to be sure than to be sorry in the end.  

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