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Why Does Your Energy Bills Increase During Winter Season?

Once the winter season kicks in, does your energy bill increase? That could be due to several causes and the majority of these could be fixed. To help you determine the reasons why your energy bills are drastically increasing, here are some of the points that might apply to your home:

Poor Insulation

Each property contains and enclosure, which is known as an energy envelop that consists of ceiling, exterior walls, and fenestrations like skylights, entry doors, and windows. An energy envelope that’s insulated well enables less heat transfer, which makes the indoor temperature consistent and it minimizes the requirement for the heating system to recompense. On the contrary, poor insulation increases indoor heating needs and enables heat to escape.

Insufficient Heating

A heating system will need energy from burning fuel or electricity to produce heat. An insufficient heating system produces less heat, which needs more fuel or electricity. Because of this, you must look out for those heating systems that have a high SEER rating for heat pumps, and AFUE rating for furnaces. Also, you need to guarantee that both of them are ENERGY STAR® certified before you buy them. If your heating system is more efficient, you will get the greater value you’ve spent on electricity or fuel.

Insufficient maintenance

It is important to keep up with HVAC maintenance since it keeps your HVAC system to be in good condition. On top of the scheduled maintenance done by your HVAC contractor, you should also inspect and replace the air filters regularly or if needed to minimize your system’s strain. Also, your chances of encountering issues would be low if your system is maintained properly.

Failing to utilize programmable thermostats

Though this appears to be counterintuitive, turning your heating systems on and off every day can take more energy compared to keeping it functioning the whole day. Because of this, investing in programmable thermostats would be the best. If you do a similar routine every day, a programmable thermostat can adjust the temperature many degrees lower once you go to sleep or leave home, then it will increase automatically once you leave for work or get up.

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